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I’m Tanya

Personal development life coach, mindset resetter, spiritual mentor and all around cheerleader for those individuals who are ready to be their absolute best- every day. 


First things first…

Client Love 💗

“When I first met Tanya I really didn’t know where to start. I knew something was missing and with Tanya’s help and guidance, I discovered that missing piece- my purpose. It literally CHANGED EVERYTHING for me. My only regret was that I didn’t hook up with her sooner.”



“Best decision ever. My only regret is not working with Tanya sooner. Her style is consistent persistence and she will never allow you to give up on yourself or your vision for your life. The level of excitement and energy and just overall confidence in myself continues to grow and I now know how to make things happen for myself. 

Don’t put off investing in yourself for another minute.”


“ I started the program looking to set some goals for myself in regards to my career and where I wanted to take that. What I walked away with was so much more. I walked away at the end of 12 weeks with an improved mindset, an overall passion for my life that I didn’t think was possible and a set of tools that will continue to grow with me. I couldn’t have done this without Tanya’s constant guidance and support. Forever grateful.”


In case you're curious-

I’m Tanya, creator of this space and all that comes with it. I’m an avid seeker of knowledge, total geek sometimes, teacher and entrepreneur at heart. Throw in an unwavering positive attitude and you have the perfect personal development guide, for you 🙂

Meet Tanya

“An advanced civilized society respects the individual and honors the collective. Let’s create that.”

-Tanya Helen Tringali