Welcome back to episode 2 of Kickass Every Day. You came back, so I am going to take that as a good sign.

This episode is kind-of a continuation of my last one as it has to do with why I chose to start a podcast in the first place. Also I forgot to mention in my last post that in the beginning of each episode I will share with you my goal or intention for that show so that everyone can be in the right mindset for the conversation that follows.

My goal for this episode is to show you how your spirit works in your life and why you need to pay attention to it.

Our spirits are the essence of who we are. Without them we wouldn’t exist so that is why it is so important to pay attention to spirit when it is trying to reach us. They are our guiding force here on earth.

Also I want to mention to you that you will often hear me use the word God and spirit interchangeably, that is because to me they are really one and the same. The same essence and the same presence within us.

So what do I talk about in this show:

  •  Why I chose to start a podcast
  •  Why a podcast was THE LAST thing I wanted to do
  •  How spirit played an important part in my decision
  •  Why you need to pay attention to spirit
  •  How being in agreement with your spirit changes everything
  •  Some fun homework for you 🙂

I hope you enjoy this episode and are eager to come back for more. Being able to share everything I know and love about personal development over the last 28 years with you is really what lights my fire and makes me jump out of bed each day at 5am. Yes 5am!!

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Till next time-

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