The topic of money can stir up a lot of emotions for people and it is one that plays an essential role in our everyday lives. Have you ever asked yourself how comfortable or confident you are on the topic of money?

I can tell you from my own experiences that I definitely wasn’t comfortable or confident for a long time. Our ideas around money start in our childhood and those first impressions are strong ones.

So in this episode- Episode 5 of Kickass Every Day I share with you why it is so important to understand why we feel about money the way we do and how we can make it a more positive relationship. Also how important it is to have good conversations about money with our kids.

The goal for this show is to show you how the conversations we had or didn’t have as a child about money so clearly affect our relationship with it today. And how you can use personal development to improve that relationship.

You will also hear:

  •  My personal experiences with money
  •  The contrast between my husband’s and my upbringing regarding money and how that has affected our relationship
  •  What I did to take back control of money in my life
  •  The only thing money really is
  •  What you need to teach your kids about money

I hope this show leaves you feeling empowered about the way you control the relationship you have with money. That is sparks some great conversations for you to have with your family and that it encourages you to never stop growing your financial vocabulary.

Also, remember that learning to manage money is an important life skill. One that can be learned at any age, but the younger the better 😉

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Additional Resources:


Some great board games about money for kids-

The Allowance Game– Ages 5 and up

Payday– Ages 8 and up (Still my alltime favorite!!)

Thrive Time– For teens

For us adults-

Rich Dad Poor Dad– In addition to the original book by Robert Kiyosaki, he has a great online game called Cashflow. I started my financial education with his original book because it gave me the all of the basics that I needed before going any further. Chloe loved playing the Cashflow game with me when she was a kid!

Investopedia– Now while I really don’t like the way they have redone this site over the last year, this is still a great resource for growing your financial vocabulary. It gives you easy to understand definitions of things, great tools to help you to manage your money and lots of help with learning about investing.