Does the thought of exercise make you break out in hives? Or perhaps make you automatically tune out when the topic comes up? Maybe you are the opposite of that and are like me and get excited about working out!

Whatever category you fit in, I am here to tell you that exercise is an important part of personal development and the benefits of it go much deeper than just your physical appearance.

So in this episode- Episode 7 of Kickass Every Day I share with you my personal experience with exercise and some of the many benefits it has.

The goal for this episode is to share with you a little bit about my passion for exercise, what it has done for me throughout my life and what I hope you will take away from this show.

You will also hear:

  • How I got bitten by the exercise bug
  • My favorite kinds of workouts
  • Some of the benefits of exercise you may not have thought about
  • How it keeps my in tune with my body
  • The mental benefits of working out

After listening to this episode I hope you feel energized and inspired to start exercising on a regular basis. That you find a workout that “works” for you and that you stick with it. Remember that personal development encompasses the whole person so our amazing bodies can’t be overlooked 😊

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Till next time-