I have never been a fan of placing a label on someone simply because a person is never just one thing. Also, quite often labels for people are meant to be negative in nature and can do untold damage to those receiving the label.

People are not things and can’t fit into neat little boxes.

So in Episode 9 of Kickass Every Day I talk about 4 ways that labels for people are used in a negative fashion and what we can do about that.

The goal for this show is to get people to think about how we label people in a different way. To highlight not only the negative aspects of this process, but to give some ideas about how to change this and remember that we are all connected not separate.

You will also hear me talk about the following :

  • The 4 major ways labels for people are used negatively.
  • How we are all guilty of doing this at times.
  • How during this time of crisis in our world we have to be extra careful.
  • A few mindful ways we can positively shift how people view and use labels for people.

I hope this episode makes you stop and think about how powerful our words really are. How important it is to pause before we say something to our fellow spirits and to always choose our words carefully. To give you inspiration in knowing how as individuals we have tremendous power to affect others and outcomes for the better. Also to remember the collective that we are all a part of- the human family.

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