This week’s episode is all about spirituality which is one of my favorite subjects to talk about, not only as it relates to personal development, but just in general.

I know there are many people who may be uncomfortable talking about spirituality, especially their own. So I hope this show will make you less uncomfortable and more open to the subject. I figure if I share with you my journey in this area, as openly as I can, it will help bring down some of the walls for you.

So episode 15 of Kickass Every Day is all about life changing moments and their connection to our spirituality and spiritual growth. The goal for this episode is to encourage everyone to step outside of the everyday happenings and really look at things from an arial perspective.

“A great Awakening has begun. People around the world are opening their eyes to their own spiritual natures. They are beginning to see who they truly are and what they have always been-beings with an eternal past and a glorious future.”
~ Betty Eadie

You will hear me talk about :

– What I believe to be the meanings of faith, religion and spirituality
– What constitutes a life changing event
– My personal spiritual journey
– Embraced by the Light by Betty J. Eadie
– How life changing events help us to grow spiritually
– How we are all connected
– A few things to help you grow in your spirituality

Again, like anything else practice is the key to growing in your spirituality and remaining in agreement with your spirit. It gets easier over time and will help you when you face some of life’s biggest challenges.

Please make sure to subscribe in Apple Podcasts or the player of your choice if you haven’t already so you never miss out on the fun. Have some great life changing moment stories of your own to share? We would love to hear them. If you think someone else could benefit from learning about personal development, feel free to share this with them. I look forward to connecting with you next week!

Till next time-