On any given day would you rather be the problem or the solution? I hope everyone is shouting “the solution”! This week’s podcast is all about never being the problem, only being the solution.

The inspiration for this episode initially came from comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. He is this brilliant stand-up comedian originally from Chicago that my family and I have seen numerous times over the last few years. The bit he does on supermarkets is where he talks about never wanting to be the problem. You can find the link for the YouTube video below.

So episode 14 of Kickass Every Day shares with you 5 ways to help you to be the solution to most problems that you come across.

“If there is a situation, I try to take a step back, cool down, and solve the problem. Flipping out, freaking out, and being very rude about it is not going to help.”
-Maneet Chauhan

Here are the 5 ways :

1. Listen
2. Observe
3. Act- with kindness, calmness and a sense of humor
4. Choose your words carefully
5. Know when to walk away

By consistently practicing these things, you will get better at being the solution over time. Just raising your awareness of your ability to be the solution, already helps you to recognize better when a problem is occurring and how you can react.

Having and using that mental pause button before we react to something or someone, will always make the difference to the outcome. That’s our goal.

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Till next time-