Episode 20!!! I am super excited to have hit this milestone. I have been waiting to use this show topic for a milestone episode and this is it! Oh my gosh this topic is one that I am really passionate about, because if more people could learn to master it, there would be far less conflict in the world. I am convinced of that.

Learning to not take shit personal was a huge growth moment for me and it all started with reading the little book- The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a book of wisdom based on the teachings of the Toltec- a group of men and women of knowledge that lived in central Mexico thousands of years ago.

Episode 20 of Kickass Every Day highlights the importance of not taking things personal. The goal of this episode is to help you realize that 99% of the time it’s not about you, but in the mind of the other person and how you can train yourself to realize this.

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission”

Mahatma Gandhi~

We will talk about :

– How nobody is watching the same movie- ever
– What you will gain from reading The Four Agreements
– 6 ways to help you to not take things personal
– The one caveat to not taking ANYTHING personal

My hope is that this episode puts a spotlight on the need to really work on not taking shit personal. Yes it does take some work and practice, but is soooo worth it. The freedom you will gain from releasing the burden of taking everything personal is tremendous. I can’t say it enough.

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Till next time-


 Don Miguel Ruiz-  https://www.miguelruiz.com/the-four-agreements