Ahh the 80’s. What a decade and for many reasons. Great music, great movies, crazy outfits and hair and an overall good feeling. For me personally it was really my growing up years. I entered the decade at 11 years old and left it at 21. So some very informative years. There was one person who really had a profound effect on me and that was Madonna.

I am sure most of you have heard about the Madonna wannabe’s, well that was me. I embraced everything about her- looks and all. Why? Because she was able to reach a part of me that no one else could at a time in my life when I was struggling.

So episode 17 of Kickass Every Day is all about how one person can make a difference in your life and how you could be that person for someone else. The goal of this episode is to show you how you can find inspiration in other people’s success.

“I never set out to be a role model. I am a strong woman, a successful woman and I don’t conform to a stereotype. For so long women have been told that there are certain ways they mustn’t look if they want to get ahead in life. And there I was dressing in a forbidden way and yet obviously in charge of my life. It was then that I realized why all of them out there in their seats, were dressing like me.”

~ Madonna

You will also hear me talk about :

– Some of the things I learned from Madonna
– The importance of remembering where you come from
– How challenges in life are really blessings
– The benefits of modeling the success of others
– Can you be that model for someone else?

Even though I have no desire to return to that part of my life, I will always be proud to say I was a Madonna wannabe. It is definitely a significant part of the person I am today.

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