In Episode 25 I bring you my first ever guest interview on Kickass Every Day.  I am pleased and honored to introduce you to Sonia Weyers- a happiness guide, accomplished business woman and trained Gestalt-therapist who currently resides in France.

Sonia has devoted her professional life to not only sharing her personal journey to discovering happiness but also helping others to find theirs as well. Sonia holds a holistic outlook on being human and she emphasizes the relational nature of our lives. Through her many services she invites us to get moving and finally experience our true happiness, by discovering our keys to a happy life within our environment.

“Happiness is for each person is their own mix of peace, joy and meaning.”

-Sonia Weyers

Sonia and I talk about :

  • How she got started with personal development and the pursuit of happiness. How it has become her life’s work.
  • What happiness means to her.
  • How she was able to maintain or even find her happiness when she was dealing with the loss of both of her parents in a short amount of time.
  • Whether or not she finds a connection between happiness and forgiveness.
  • Why she thinks the pursuit of happiness is so difficult for some people.
  • Finally some tips for you to achieve happiness on a daily basis.


In addition to being a trained therapist, Sonia helps people with her talks, workshops and has also written a wonderful book entitled- Happiness Now! A Guided Journey. In this book she takes the reader through a deep exploration of how we live our life and how to live it better. Sonia has a great way of presenting her story and material so that anyone listening is drawn in and can immediately identify with her and her message.

She has provided some great resources below and I highly encourage you to check them out. I hope you enjoy this episode and stay on the path to pursuing your own happiness.

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Her “Experience Your TRUE Happiness” Guide:
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