In Episode 26 we visit the world of the life crisis. In my experience the quarter and mid-life crisis are like a mirror image of each other and therefore closely related. I only know this because I have lived through both and come out stronger and more fulfilled but only after figuring out the same underlying cause of both.

To me both life crisis are marked by the same 4 core things- comparison complex, incredible self-doubt, frustration over unmet expectations and the struggles of being a multi-passionate person. There is smattering of other things but these are the four core issues. Plus one underlying cause. (I know you are dying to hear what it is)

So the goal of this episode is to help you understand the amazing similarities between the two and some ways to help you avoid a mid-life crisis and if you are in one to help you get out of it. I will give you a hint- it all goes back to purpose. See how I just built off previous episodes?

“Experiencing a quarter-life crisis and want to avoid a mid-life one? Decide your purpose in life or guess what? Lather, rinse, repeat. Only now the stupid age thing really becomes an issue.”

-Tanya Tringali

We will talk about :

– My personal experience with both.
– How I didn’t even know I went through a quarter-life crisis until much later.
– The four core things they share.
– The one underlying cause of both.
– Some ways you can finally fix the underlying cause.
– A little about my upcoming purpose challenge.

Even though I have experienced both a quarter and mid-life crisis, the one thing that helped me through both was personal development. I discovered personal development while going though my quarter-life crisis and it helped me through my mid-life one.

The Kickass Way Purpose Challenge- 5 Days to Declaring Your Pupose kicks off August 24th! Please click on the Challenge tab above for more info and to sign up. It is going to be so much fun and will give your life amazing direction.

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