Episode 32 tackles the healthy eating issue head on by asking and answering the question ‘what is healthy eating anyway?’ Simply put it is eating for your health! There is no mystery here. Your body needs fuel to operate and food is that fuel. The key is quality food.

So the goal of this episode is to highlight some ways to eat for the three areas of your health that I talk about- your mental health, your physical health and your emotional health.

It will focus on some of the best ways to achieve healthy eating and will help you to not feel overwhelmed by the sometimes confusing information out there. Our bodies are designed to work perfectly as long as we give it the nutrients it needs. Your body will be the first to tell you when you have consumed a meal that is not good for you.

“You are what you eat.”

-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

We will talk about :

  • Eating for the three types of health I mentioned above
  • Whole foods and what they are
  • The percentage of whole foods we should be eating
  • The importance of reading labels
  • Some benefits of healthy eating


Eating for your health is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It is the highest form of self-care there is. We are only given one body and it is designed to last us, as long as we take care of it. Value what you eat. Really enjoy your food. Enjoy picking it out, preparing and eating it. Your body will pay you back in dividends when you do.

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