Episode 34 asks and answers the question ‘what can you do when life gets in the way of your dreams?’. If you are like most people, I’m sure at some point you had a dream or two or ten for yourself and for whatever reason, you just weren’t able to make them happen. Quite often it is because everyday life just gets in the way or at least delays your chances of making your dreams come to fruition.

So the goal of this episode is to offer you a process that helps you to move forward in pursuing your dreams when life throws up a roadblock or two.

When you are a passionate, ambitious person that just wants to make things happen in life it can be really frustrating, heartbreaking and completely deflating when things don’t work out. When your dreams don’t come to fruition. So this led me to ask two of my favorite question- why and how. Why does this happen and how can I turn it around? Answering these questions has led to my 5 step process.

“Magic happens when a stubborn soul refuses to give up on her dreams.”

-Avijeet Das


We will talk about :

  • Why the strength of your dream matters
  • My 5 step process to help you move forward
  • The most important thing in making your dreams come true
  • Your creative partner

Dreams are what make our world so amazing. They are what continually expand the universe and our experiences in it. When you pursue and fulfill your dreams, the feelings of satisfaction, gratitude and pure joy that you experience are unmatched. So never stop dreaming. Never stop envisioning a grander version of yourself and never stop wanting to make this world the best it can be.

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