Episode 35 explores why staying focused in life can be so difficult. It is so easy to start of with such enthusiasm for a new project whether that be a craft or building project, starting a business, changing careers or even learning a new skill. Only to find yourself a short time later being unable to focus on it and eventually giving up on finishing it.

So the goal of this episode is to highlight some of the reasons why we struggle to stay focused and allow ourselves to get in the way and to offer some solutions.

Over the years I have found there have been some definite and repeating things that have managed to derail my efforts on certain projects and really during everyday tasks as well. Even though this episode focuses more on projects like those mentioned above it is about losing focus no matter what we are doing.

“Distractions have only one goal in life- to steal your focus. Outsmart them.”

-Tanya Tringali

We will talk about :

– How our mental focus is challenged daily
– 4 things that can easily derail your focus
– The one important ingredient every successful project must have
– How personal development can help us stay focused

Staying focused in a world full of so many distractions isn’t easy but it can be accomplished. I have found that knowing what to look out for ahead of starting a new project and putting some basic plans in place to help me when those distractions do show up has made all the difference. It will give you an advantage and much better chance of completing your next project.

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