Episode 39 dives into the topic of self-discipline, how it can bring you incredible results with your personal development and in anything you pursue in life. It’s the difference between excellence and mediocrity. And for me a mediocre life is not what I am aiming for. Self-discipline as Jim Rohn says is a magical word- I love that! When you think of it that way it turns the negative thoughts around discipline into positive ones.

So the goal of this episode is to get you to look at self-discipline in a new and exciting way.

Anyone who has reached the top of their game or succeeded in what they set out to do, will tell you that self-discipline was the key to that success. They were able to see discipline as their ally and not the enemy. One of the very first things I created on my website is an image on my ‘about me’ page. The image is 4 airplanes doing an incredible loop in the sky with the words “My superpower is self-control”. I still love that image because it represents what I think of as my superpower and the best thing that personal development has given me.

“With self-discipline, most anything is possible.”


-Theodore Roosevelt

We will talk about :

– Some of Jim Rohn’s thoughts on self-discipline
– Some things that you can achieve with self-discipline
– A few simple ways to help you improve your self-discipline
– A few last words on the subject

By utilizing self-discipline consistently in every area of my life was how I was able to find my direction. I have said it before, had I had the process I have come up with- only out pure frustration mind you, for using personal development successfully all those years ago, my path would have been shorter and would have been less frustrating. But my path is what led me to be able to show others a better way.

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