Episode 51 is here and we are rapidly approaching the end of April. Crazy right? So I was supposed to be using this last week as a content planning week. I had put the time aside, took a week off my podcast to devote to it and guess what? NOTHING. No matter how many times I sat down and tried, no matter how much meditation or inspiring music I listened to, I just could not make anything happen.

It doesn’t happen to me very often, but when it does it is super frustrating for me. When this occurs I know that God is trying to tell me to turn things over to him for a bit. So that’s what I’m doing. Almost immediately after making this decision I felt such a release from the frustration and anxiety that had been plaguing me. So if you are ever facing this kind of thing do what I did and let the universe lead you to where you need to go.

Anyway, back to this week’s episode! Personal philosophy. The very first time I heard about this was from my favorite personal development mentor Jim Rohn, when listening to his Art of Exceptional Living. Here is what he said about it:

“Philosophy is the major determining factor in how your life works out.”

That is huge. And this is something that you absolutely have control over.

So the goal of this episode is to share with you what a personal philosophy is and to encourage you to come up with your own.

We will talk about :

– The importance of your personal philosophy
– The difference between failure and success
– A few questions to help you figure out your personal philosophy
– What mine is 😊

When you live up to your potential, decide what your purpose is and live life to its fullest, you can’t lose and that will only inspire others to do the same. If you truly believe in your personal philosophy and try to live it every day, than your life should be a reflection of that. Remember, we are not striving for perfection here, just consistency. This is something that ANY of us can do.

Please make sure to subscribe in Apple Podcasts or the player of your choice if you haven’t already so you never miss out on the fun. Do you have a personal philosophy? If so please share it below. Who know, yours may inspire someone else’s. Together we will be the changes and differences we want to see in the world. If you think someone else could benefit from learning about personal development, feel free to share this with them. I look forward to connecting with you next week!

Till next time-