Episode 53 dives into the beautiful gift of accountability. I call it a gift because it is something you can give to yourself and to others. If one looks around our world these days it’s easy to see how a lack of accountability has become a cancer in our society. But it is up to the individual to change this. And this is doable!!

If you are a parent, then you already know what happens when a child does something they know they shouldn’t or aren’t allowed to and there is no consequence for it. They will most likely do it again, and again, and again! Kids are smart enough to remember these things. Well the same goes for adults in this world and sadly we see evidence of this every day on the news.

“Blaming others for your actions is the least self-empowering thing you could do. And this is something completely self-inflicted.”


-Tanya Tringali

So the goal of this episode is to show you what the gift of accountability can do for you and what a lack of it can cause.

We will talk about :

  • What accountability can do for you
  • What a lack of accountability can cause in society as a whole
  • What a lack of it can cause on an individual level
  • A few final encouraging words 😊

Accountability always starts at the top of any organization and always starts with the individual before that. When you are accountable to yourself, you are empowering yourself. Stay out of the blame game because all that does is give your power to someone else and that is something we never want. When you own everything about yourself, you are an inspiration for others and that really is the greatest personal success of all.

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