Episode 71 brings you my interview with Stacey Piedrahita. This is only the second interview I have done on Kickass Every Day, but I am lining up a few more as we speak 😊 I met Stacey through a FB group that we are both a part of and we really hit it off. We discovered that we have a lot in common and Stacey’s spiritual & health journey is inspiring to hear.

Stacey in addition to being an RN for over 26 years is a Reiki practitioner and spiritual teacher. After surviving a debilitating illness and near-death experience, Stacey has embarked on a new path in life and is using her experiences to help others. She makes a point of living in the moment with joy and gratitude knowing that God has her back.

“It just took getting to the end, or so I thought, to fall in love with me. I’m living proof God loves hot messes!”


– Stacey Piedrahita


Stacey is also a published author and is one of the featured writers in the book Intuitive, Speaking Her Truth. This book has gone on to become an international bestseller and shares the stories of inspiring women just like Stacey. One of the things that I absolutely love about her besides her infectious energy is that she is authentic and genuinely wants to help others who may be experiencing some of the challenges that she has overcome.

During the interview you will hear:

  • What led up to Stacey’s near-death experience
  • How her life has changed since her spiritual awakening and near-death experience
  • What she is looking forward to most in her new life


In this interview, I really tried to let Stacey be Stacey and to share her story the way she wants to. A little heads up, some colorful language is present- LOL so you may want to listen to this one with headphones if your kids are in the room! I hope you enjoy her message and more importantly her energy.

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Till next time-


You can find the book Intuitive, Speaking Her Truth, where Stacey is featured in here.

Here is Stacey’s Instagram page where you can learn more about her and how she’s helping others: