Episode 74 introduces you to an amazing young woman- Danielle Paulo. She is the founder and CEO of Creative Haus Agency, an all-female digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles California. Danielle is a Filipino-American and at the age of 28 has been able to successfully launch her multi-million dollar business during the pandemic in 2020. Because of her success, she has been featured in multiple online publications such as Bauce, VoyageLA, and Billion Success.

Danielle’s goal is to mainly help both small and big businesses across the United States to adjust to the ever-changing world of marketing. Effective and affordable digital marketing she believes is what is needed to help these businesses reach their target audience.

“Your mindset can change everything.”

– Danielle Paulo

In this episode, you will hear Danielle and I talk about:

  • How her business came about
  • Mindset & manifestation
  • The different expectations for men vs women starting a business
  • Her advice for anyone looking to start a business of their own


I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Danielle and I know you will love getting to know her as well. I was inspired by her positive attitude and willingness to be genuine about her experiences on her entrepreneurial journey so far. I encourage you to check out her website and Instagram page for some great branding and marketing ideas and to connect with her.



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