Episode 75 features an engaging conversation with best-selling author and transformational speaker Kute Blackson. As a fellow personal development enthusiast, Kute has been exploring the many ways humans are able to live their best lives. His journey has led him to some amazing discoveries, including the subject of his latest book “The Magic of Surrender, Finding the Courage to Let Go”, which is what our conversation centered around.

Kute was Born in Ghana, West Africa, and had a unique multicultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father that has spanned four different continents. Being the son of a revered spiritual leader of more than 300 hundred churches, Kute was speaking in front of his father’s congregations at an early age and was expected to eventually take over for his father. But his heart was calling him in a different direction and he came to America on his own at the age of 18. Ever since he has been on his own spiritual journey, inspiring so many along the way, through his speaking engagements, programs, podcast and of course his books.

“When you truly surrender and you’re available and open, you tap into another dimension of the potential of life.”


– Kute Blackson

In this episode, you will hear Kute and I talk about:

– What surrender means
– How to achieve it
– How to use it in our lives
– 3 simple questions to ask yourself to get started

Kute was very generous with his time and patience with me, as I kept mispronouncing his name during our interview- uggg. Aside from that, I KNOW you will find our conversation valuable to you and walk away with a different perspective on the magic of surrender and how it can empower you in your life. The paperback version of his book is being released on May 3rd. To celebrate that Kute is doing a very special live event called Reinvent Live on May 7th for all those who purchase the paperback version. Below you will find the links to all of Kute’s contact info and more about his special live event.

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