Episode 76 is all about stepping outside your comfort zone. This is a topic I have been focused on a lot lately in my own life recently so it only seemed natural to do an episode on it as well! This is something a lot of people struggle to do, however with a little practice and courage you will find this to be exciting and of great value.

To me, the concept of stepping outside of your comfort zone is such a foundational part of personal development that it has been ingrained in me for some time. But I have found that when you consciously practice this on a regular basis your growth will be exponential. So why have I been so focused on this topic? Because I’ve realized that if I am going to move my business forward like I want to, then I have to really show up as myself. To stop playing it safe and comfortable and to help those individuals that I feel called to help. I can only do that when I stop holding myself back.

“Step so far outside your comfort zone that you forget the way back.”

– Unknown

In this episode you will hear me talk about:

  • Some of my personal experiences with this
  • Some of the benefits
  • A few ways to help you get started


We are here in this physical realm to live life to its fullest, to play full out. And when we aren’t doing that, when we aren’t being true to ourselves, we don’t feel well. Our spirit knows what we need to do and that’s why we feel that excitement wrapped in fear when we are on the verge of stepping outside of our comfort zone. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

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