Episode 77 dives deep into the power of knowing what you want. The goal of this episode is to show you the importance of believing in yourself and knowing what you want and then having the courage to go after it. So the inspiration for this episode actually came from an Instagram reel that I created last week. It was a simple reel- just words typing across the screen with some kickass music to go with it, Katy Perry’s Firework to be exact. The words were- If something is important to YOU then DON’T let others’ opinions get your way and convince you otherwise. I actually wrote these words as a reminder to myself to always listen to my inner being.

Sometimes knowing what we want can feel like the most difficult thing to figure out. When this is happening and the answers just don’t seem to be coming to you, there are usually reasons behind that. It’s not the universe’s fault, because it can’t give you what you want when you don’t even know what that looks like! Or more accurately have the courage to ask for. Our inner being ALWAYS knows what we want because that’s what we came here to experience. The problem is we let so many things affect us that we simply can’t hear what it’s telling us.

“There are two paths you can take, yours or the one others choose for you.”


– Eudora Holmes

In this episode you will learn:

  • A process that I used to help me figure out what I wanted
  • Some very personal examples of how I turned things around
  • How deciding what I want has affected my life
  • A little bit about effort and how to use it properly


This is one of those episodes that I really allowed myself to open up to all of you. To share with you my struggles and challenges with this topic and how I’ve overcome them. I did this because I know that I’m not the only one who has been plagued by this. Who knows that if they could just figure out what they wanted in life, things would flow effortlessly for them. I really want 😉 to help others utilize the incredible power of knowing what you want. Because it has given me much more than I could have imagined.

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