Episode 78 is all about alignment with spirit. What that looks and feels like, how you can get there and why it’s the only thing you want to accomplish. This is really a continuation of the live I did last week on Instagram. It was so much fun for me and I hope for those who listened. I realized that there is only so much you can talk about during a live without overwhelming people, and my podcast is a way to deepen the conversation more intimately. More one-on-one, which is still my favorite way to connect with all of you!

Spiritual alignment is what we came here for in this physical space and that’s why it feels so AMAZING! Because when we are in perfect alignment we are experiencing our spirit’s natural state of well-being. We are being the absolute best version of ourselves that we can be. You can’t ask for more than that.

“The closer you are to alignment, to what you want the calmer it feels.”


– Abraham-Hicks

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why I feel about spirit the way I do
  • 4 simple things you need to do to help you achieve alignment
  • Why alignment with spirit is so important


My whole point of doing this episode is to help you achieve the life you want. That life starts and ends with spiritual alignment. When I say it is the only thing you need to achieve- I mean every word. When you make this your focus everything else falls into place. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is once you surrender your need to control the outcome. Once you trust in yourself & the universe to bring to you what you want.

Please make sure to subscribe in Apple Podcasts or the player of your choice if you haven’t already so you never miss out on the fun. Have you experienced alignment with spirit? Or are you struggling to do so? We want to know! Have some more questions about this topic? Please ask them below!! Together we will be the changes and differences we want to see in the world.  If you think someone else could benefit from learning about personal development, feel free to share this with them. I look forward to connecting with you next week!

Till next time-