Episode 80 explores the differences between three types of people in this world- the powerless, the powerful, and the empowered. So excited to have reached this milestone episode!! I’m going a bit bold in this one and I’m calling people out. Well sort of LOL. I’ve just noticed over the years that when it comes to people’s mindsets- they tend to fall in one of the 3 types that I just listed.

Now I realize that a while back I did an entire episode about why I hate labels for people and that still holds true. This episode as I said is more about how people think and therefore act based on how they think. The way we think drives our entire lives and therefore the outcomes we get. And the great thing about our mindset is that we can change it!! Mindset is so important and that’s why it is the first thing I work on with clients.

“I feel liberated, empowered, inspired, and motivated. Fear holds you back from achieving what you want in life.”


– Ricki Lee Coulter

In this episode you will learn:

  • The importance of our mindset
  • The 3 types of people (mindsets)
  • Our ability to move into and out of the different types
  • Where personal development fits in


As you listen to this episode one thing will become abundantly clear- awareness is key and really the first step to any meaningful change in our lives. This is where the power of personal development shines. My goal for this episode is to empower the listener to BECOME empowered and understand, accept and embrace the responsibility that comes with that empowerment. I hope I’ve been able to achieve that.

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Till next time-