Episode 81 dives into the power of our beliefs and how they can positively or negatively affect our life experience here on Earth. If they are supporting you or not based on how they are making you feel. So the goal for this episode is to help you be tuned in, tapped in, and turned on- as Abraham Hicks likes to say, to source energy. This is so you are able to choose the beliefs that support the spiritual vibrational being that you are.

So as a side note here, to show you how the things I talk about and teach others come from personal experience, I want to share my experience this week with you. The law of attraction has been on overdrive bringing all things about beliefs this week! Oh my gosh, every time I turned around, there was a video, an email, or a positive affirmation about beliefs. All from completely different sources. The law of attraction is REAL and that’s why it’s a part of the personal development I teach & coach.

Alright, back to the episode. The simplest definition of a belief is a practiced thought about something or someone. A thought that you continue to think, a thought that you keep thinking. That’s it. And yet something so simple can affect a person’s life in dramatic ways so they shouldn’t be overlooked and should be questioned from time to time.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.”


– Henry Ford

In this episode I talk about:

  • Different kinds of beliefs
  • The most destructive kind of belief
  • How you can tell if your beliefs are still serving you
  • A few personal examples
  • Where your feelings come into play


My reason for recording this episode is because all too often we can spend our entire lives wanting certain things only to never have them, to never achieve them. And quite often it’s simply a matter of wanting a thing and believing in opposition to it. The problem is that the opposite belief will keep what you want from you all the days of your life. But you may never realize that your beliefs are the problem. You’ll think it’s everyone else’s fault. That’s why it’s so important to address your beliefs and change those that are not serving you.

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