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Your Emotions And How to Use Them Throughout Your Life- Episode 084

Show Notes

September 30, 2022

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Episode 84 is all about our emotions!! This episode has been a while in the making and I know that once you are able to take advantage of your emotions and utilize them thoroughly, you will be living your life in a much more empowered state. This is what I always want for you. For you to love your life and experience everything that you came here to experience. There are two sides to the emotion equation- on one side is being able to guide your emotions and on the other side is being guided by them. These are two very different things and require different things from you to succeed. Once you are able to do this, you give yourself an advantage in life. Every moment of every day, we experience either positive or negative emotions. We are emotion-driven/ vibrational beings! This is why you cannot ignore them and why you must make mastering them a priority.

” All physical beings have communication from their inner being in the form of emotion, and so, whenever your emotion is positive, you can know that you are in harmony with your inner intention.”



– Esther Hicks

In this episode I talk about:

  • Guiding your emotions
  • Being guided by them
  • Detachment
  • A few other ways to help you with both
  • Processes to help you when you are struggling with your emotions

This is one of those episodes that I don’t want you to miss a beat of. Listen to it more than once because I packed a lot in here. Learning to work with your emotions should be a priority for you. It will help you in every relationship you ever have. It will help you show up the way you want to in life. It will help you to create the life you want on purpose!! Instead of constantly being in reaction mode. Spend time on your emotions and your life will look different. Please make sure to subscribe in Apple Podcasts or the player of your choice if you haven’t already so you never miss out on the fun. Do you have a great way that you’ve used to help you balance your emotions? We want to know! Have some more questions about this topic? Please ask them below!! Together we will be the changes and differences we want to see in the world.  If you think someone else could benefit from learning about personal development, feel free to share this with them. I look forward to connecting with you next week!

Till next time-


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Emotional Guidance Scale

(From Jerry and Esther Hicks book- Ask and it is Given)

Here is what someone’s emotional guidance scale might look like (everyone’s is different):

1. Joy/Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Belief

4.  Positive Expectation/Belief

5. Optimism

6. Hopefulness

7. Contentment

8. Boredom

9. Pessimism

10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience

11. “Overwhelment”

12. Disappointment

13. Doubt

14. Worry

15. Blame

16. Discouragement

17. Anger

18. Revenge

19. Hatred/Rage

20. Jealousy

21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness

22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness


Ask And It Is Given

The Astonishing Power of Emotions

4 Processes to Help You Move Out of Negative Emotion:

1. Pivoting

So the next time you are experiencing negative emotion, I want you to pause and say to yourself ‘something is important here, otherwise I would not be experiencing this negative emotion. I need to focus on what I want.” As soon as you take your attention away from what you don’t want and move it towards what you do want, your vibration immediately shifts and your emotion changes and you are once again climbing back up the scale. By pivoting, you interrupt your thought process which is the driver of your emotional state. Change the way you view negative emotion and use it as a guide. It’s your spirit’s way of helping you to focus on what you do want.

2. Meditation!!

No explanation needed here but here is the link to Episode 30 which is ALLLL about this fabulous tool :)))

Meditation- The Perfect Companion for Personal Development- Episode 030

3. Just Breathe

This process is actually one I came up with. I literally say to myself out loud ‘just breathe’ and proceed to take some cleansing breaths. I notice that when I’m confronted by certain types of negative emotion, I’m actually holding my breath. It’s crazy but My body is so tense. Closing my eyes, reminding myself to breathe, and taking the time to do so makes a huge difference, as does going for a walk or even just stepping outside for a few minutes. Anything to interrupt the feelings that are taking place inside of you.

4. Rampage of Appreciation

As I said this one is for when you are already feeling pretty good and just want to take full advantage of that positivity. You simply start thinking of things that you are grateful for. And you keep adding to that list. Look around, maybe it’s the beautiful fall weather, or your family, your health, your pet. You appreciate the little details of whatever it is and then you find the next thing you can appreciate.

You can do this throughout your day. Want to make it even more powerful? Write it down. Journaling is an amazing tool. And you can go back and look at this list anytime you need some inspiration. As it says in Ask and it is Given, because the vibration of appreciation is the most powerful connection between the physical you and the non-physical you or spirit, this process will also put you in a position to receive even clearer guidance from your inner being.


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podcast show notes


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The Journal Prompt I use EVERY MORNING

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